Custom Paint Jobs

JKE produces show-quality finishes as a standard offering on aircraft built or restored at JKE. Top-quality coatings and systems are used to ensure long-lasting beautiful finishes. JKE has produced many award-winning paint jobs on both custom and historically accurate aircraft. For 20 plus years, we have worked exclusively with Mirco Pecorari of Aircraft Studio Design for custom scheme designs.

Greg Connell Pitts Model 12

Pitts Model 12 N415GC, first 2 seat Model 12 with full span ailerons, was custom built for Greg Connell to replace his Pitts S2B.  Mirco Pecorari worked with Greg to create his unique scheme inspired by the box art for Greg’s favorite beer.

Bulldog II Pitts S2S

Starting with a Pitts S2S airframe, Bulldog II was conceived by Jim LeRoy as the next evolution of airshow biplane performance.  Wings by Steve Wolf, scheme by Mirco Pecorari, construction, and finish by JKE.

Proton Model 12

The Proton Model 12 is the most complex paint scheme applied by JKE.  This scheme was created by Mirco Pecorari of Aircraft Studio Design for the aircraft owner Jim Krisovich.  Nearly a dozen colors ranging from Tangelo Orange to reds to a couple of shades of black create the illusion of color layering and ghost flames.